Northwest Ag Equipment was born out of the need for a fast and reliable big bale stacker. In 2000, an Oregon straw and hay exporter decided to switch from 2 and 3 tie bales to 3x4 bales, necessitating a move to equipment that could handle the larger bales. The first season had a steep learning curve, but it soon became apparent that a pull type, 12 bale stacker would be the fastest and most convenient. Having tried several of the commercially available stackers and finding none that met their needs, the decision was made to build their own stacker for the 2001 season. Some of the requirements were speed, reliability, and the ability to withstand tough, demanding field conditions. A rolling rack able to handle large, heavy bales and rough fields was also a priority. After several seasons of testing and modifications, they had developed an outstanding stacker called the Bale Chaser, which was fast, tough and efficient. In 2009, with encouragement from other farmers who had seen the Bale Chaser in action, NWAG Equipment was formed to manufacture the Bale Chaser. Today, NWAG Equipment also fabricates many pieces of equipment for the hay export and grass seed industry, including container chassis, automated shrink wrap tables, strapper boxes, straw and hay presses, etc. Currently they are also engaged in custom work for PAPE Machinery.

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