Bale Chaser  Model # BC818 Features


Simple Operation for Fast Efficiency

 -Electro Hydraulic Control

 -Automated or Joystick controlled



Low Maintenance Hydraulic System

 - Less oil leaks with O-Ring face seal connections

 -High flow oil capacity (25 GPM Optimal)

 - Easily switches from open or closed systems

 -12v DC



Heavy Duty Frame

 -Large pivot pins

 -Grade  8 bolts

 -Greasable pins throughout

 -Replaceable bushings

 -Enhanced reliability



Walking Beam Suspension

 -Reduced operator fatigue

 -Increase operating speed

 -Better durability

 -Smoother over pivot tracks, 

 - Corrugated & rough fields



Industrial Grade Cylinders

 -Induction hardened shafts

 - Decreases downtime

 -Reliable long life service



Pick Up Arms

 - Dual arms improve pickup time

 -Gentler on bales



Original Rolling Rack Design

 -Keeps bales from falling or rolling over

  as bales move to the back

 -Optimum efficiency

 - More bales per hour (180 +)



Optional Features

 -Economical alternative tires for applications that don’t require high floatation

 -Equalizer arms (Centers top bales, assists on hillsides

 & rough fields, better stack quality in adverse conditions)